Construction Manager

Job title:Construction Manager
Job category:Construction
Position type:Full Time
Ref. code:12008
Job title:Construction Manager
Reports to:Vice President of Construction
Position overview:

Plans and directs all tasks required in construction units.  Supervises and coordinates construction activities in the field.

Duties will include:

Duties Will Include:

  • Oversees and manages all aspects of the home-building process from receipt of the building permit to closing of the sale
  • Manages contractors, vendors as well as approves work and purchase/change orders
  • Manages work against benchmarks and timetables to ensure that contractors, employees and vendors perform on schedule and on budget
  • Plans and coordinates starts, and modifies work schedules to minimize delays
  • Manages the daily logistics of the job site to ensure various contractors are enabled to work harmoniously, which includes staging the job site by determining the timing of material deliveries and location for storage
  • Ensures that work performed and completed on the jobsite meets the quality specifications of Standard Pacific
  • Oversees Standard Pacific’s jobsite compliance programs and monitors subcontractor compliance with applicable government regulations, such as building codes, environmental, health and safety issues
  • Oversees security programs to avoid problems of worksite theft and vandalism
  • Acts as Standard Pacific’s primary point of contact on the jobsite with third parties such as subcontractors and government inspectors
  • Communicates with Sales, Purchasing, Homeowners, and Trades as required to successfully execute the homebuilding process and other business plan specifics


Candidates Will Need to Meet the Following Qualifications:

  • 2-4 years of construction experience
  • Familiarity with Microsoft applications, including Word and Excel
  • Must have ability to read and understand architectural and structural blueprints
  • Must be able to read and understand all off-site improvement plans
  • College degree desirable but not required